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Developing Digital Process Landscapes - The FLEX and CRF Scenarios


Developing Digital Process Landscapes - The FLEX and CRF Scenarios

Organizer: FAIRWork EU-Project
Date/Time: February 10, 2023 14:00 - 14:30 CET
Location: Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria

In this webinar the partners of the FAIRWork project will provide an overview on the requirements and scenarios that were identified for the further progress of the project. Therefore, they will provide a short introduction to the project as a whole and how the requirements were identified. Afterwards the defined scenarios, which will be used as guidelines for the rest of the project, will be introduced. Last but not least, the next steps of the project as a whole will be introduced.

The webinar is moderated by Dr. Wilfrid Utz (OMiLAB).



FAIRWork Project Introduction

A short introduction to the FAIRWork project and its goal

Requirements Engineering for Decision Processes: Methodology and Technologies


This block discusses how the project partners identified the requirements and technologies for the Democratic AI-based Decision Support System (DAI-DSS).

Achievements: Decision Processes at FLEX and CRF/Stellantis


This block introduces the identified scenarios, which function as the bases for the requirements and the design of the DAI-DSS

Outlook: Next Steps in FAIRWork

This block discusses the next steps of the FAIRWork project and introduces the challenges observed.