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Keynote: Conceptual Modelling Languages: Origin, Utilization and Impact

Presentation Prof. Karagiannis@14th International i* Workshop

Keynote: Conceptual Modelling Languages: Origin, Utilization and Impact

Date/Time: Monday, October 18, 2021
In this talk, the origin of conceptual modelling languages as the adequate vocabulary for knowledge representation and processing is introduced.
The conceptualization process is required to enable machine interpretation of these languages. For that it is necessary to understand how these are conceptually structured.
The “Purpose-Specificity Framework” is discussed as an instrument to classify the utilization, considering propagation techniques of domain semantics and model-value functionalities.
Impact in the sense of scientific/commercial uptake is closely related to the purpose of the language, linked to the application needs. Cases from the OMiLAB Community of Practice ( are presented to explain the applicability of the framework and to discuss further research directions.


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13:30 - 14:40: Keynote: Conceptual Modelling Languages:
Orgin, Utilization and Impact

Presenter: Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis , University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria